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Reduce workplace burn injuries

Firefighter Thomas Fältsjö shares his most important tips to limit work-related burns. Thomas also trains companies in First Aid and he feels that there is a large uncertainty about burns in many workplaces. This may be because there are no clear regulations for burns, but knowledge about burns is relevant to all industries, according to Thomas.

Three tips that make a difference

1. Slow down the work pace

The most common cause of work-related burns is stress and too high working pace. Many burns can be avoided by slowing down and being careful, especially in workplaces where there are sources of high heat, for example restaurant kitchens.

2. Immediately start to cool the burn
– for at least 15 minutes

When a burn injury occurs, it is important to start cooling the skin immediately. Cool skin for at least 15 minutes with lukewarm water, compress with cooling gel or a wet towel to stabilize the burn.

3. Only cool the burn injury, not the entire body

Only cool down the damaged area and not the entire body, to avoid cooling the body temperature which can lead to a serious condition. This applies whether you cool with water or cooling compresses. Cooling gel compresses should be available in several sizes to optimally cover burns of different sizes.

Combine stationary and mobile First Aid equipment

When the accident occurs, it is important to act quickly to limit the burn injury. The workplace must have good First Aid equipment that is easily accessible where there are risks. Thomas recommends combining fixed First Aid stations with mobile burn kits that can easily be placed in different workplaces or carried with in mobile work.

Cederroth First Aid Burn Kit contains cooling gel in both spray and compresses in various sizes. It enables you to quickly and efficiently cool the burn no matter where the accident happens.


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