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Eye Wash

The world’s smallest eye emergency department. Cederroth’s buffered eye wash increases the chance of saving a person’s eye. Our Eye Wash has a neutralising effect on alkali and acid splashes and works to neutralise the eye’s pH value, giving a quicker result than a normal sodium chloride solution. The effect is generally stronger on alkalis than acids.

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Product benefits

If you have an accident with a substance that contains calcium (for example, cement, concrete or lime), you can safely rinse with Cederroth Eye Wash as it is 100% phosphate-free. This ensures that the eye is rinsed as effectively as possible.

The bottle is designed to rinse the eye with a good flow of liquid for around 1.5 minutes. It has the longest shelf life on the market at 4.5.

  • Buffered eye wash with a neutralising effect on acids and alkalis
  • Phosphate-free
  • Effective flow
  • 4.5 year shelf life

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