Burns – The A to Z of rapid treatment

Minor burns are quite common and can be treated on site. In the past, we were advised to rinse them with cold water, but the current recommendation is to use lukewarm water instead or, for example, Cederroth’s Burn Gel products.

Burns are an injury to the skin that are caused following contact with fire, heat, electricity, radiation and certain chemicals. No matter how they are caused, rapid treatment is important to limit the injury and to stop it from getting worse. Cederroth’s Burn Gel products can be used when you do not have immediate access to water. They are portable, which means that they are immediately available.

Rapid treatment is extremely important. Minor injuries are cooled with lukewarm water, not cold water as was previously thought, for at least 15 minutes. If there are any blisters, they must be kept intact, but check to make sure the fluid does not become cloudy. If it does or if you develop a fever, you must always contact a doctor.

Burns are divided into three different categories:

Cederroth’s burn gel is approved for first and second degree burns.

First degree burns

First degree burns are superficial. The skin is red, swollen and tender, and you feel a burning pain.

Second degree burns

Second degree burns, or partial-thickness burns, are deeper and go down into the skin’s underlying layer. As well as the symptoms listed above, blisters can also form. The person who is injured often feels a lot of pain.

Third degree burns

Third degree burns, or full-thickness burns, affect every layer of the skin as well as the underlying tissue. The remaining skin is white, grey or black and you lose feeling in this area. A skin graft is normally required.

When should you seek medical attention?

  • If you have a burn with blisters that is larger than your own hand
  • If you have burnt a sensitive part of your body, such as your face, genitals, hands, feet and large joints
  • If the burn is on a young child
  • If the injury has been caused by chemicals or electricity
  • If it is a deep injury – when the skin has turned white, brown or black and feels leathery, or if you lose feeling in the skin area
  • If the burn has not healed within 2 weeks

Source: Magnus Burström, Team Leader at the Burns Department at Linköping Hospital, &

Burn injury products

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