Schools & offices

Cederroth offers a complete range of First Aid products for School and office environments.

Working in an office environment is not totally safe and hazard-free. Slips and trips are common office accidents, due to slippery floors, tripping over objects or when it is icy outdoors. In schools, woodwork, sewing, cookery, chemistry lasses and sports sessions are higher risk areas. When assessing your need for first Aid equipment, the number of students and types of classes come into the equation. Directional signs to First Aid stations are also important.

Common risks

Sharp tools and paper cuts

Typical office work often includes using sharp knives, scissors, paper guillotines and laminators etc., so having different types of plasters and bandages is recommended. Our Cederroth First Aid Stations enable you to provide basic First Aid treatment. And in areas where minor cuts and wounds happen, our Wound Care and Plaster Dispensers are ideal.

Slippery floors and stairs

Slips and falls can cause muscular sprains and strains. For which stocking Cold Packs in your station makes sense. Our portable and well-equipped Cederroth First Aid Kit XL, which contains dressings, elastic bandages, cold packs and bandages, is ideal for treating these kinds of accident.


Hot water and hot food in kitchens, practical classes in schools involve hot surfaces such as when welding. Our Cederroth First Aid & Burn station is ideal for those areas and includes Burn Gel dressings for burns, blue plasters and bloodstoppers.


Chemicals are often used in offices and schools, even if this can sound unexpected. Such as in kitchens, chemistry and other practical classes. Cleaning and maintenance work involves highly corrosive kitchen, dishwasher, oven and bathroom cleaning agents. If these get accidentally splashed in eyes, immediate flushing is vital. Cederroth Eye Wash is buffered and has a neutralizing effect on alkalis and acids, to give you a higher chance of saving vision compare to tap water and saline solutions.

Children playing in schoolyard or in nature

Children playing in schoolyard or in nature often hurt themselves by accident, such as a cut and scraped knee, spained ankle or burns for a bonfire. We recommend taking our mobile First Aid Kit Medium or Large, plus a cold pack, when you go on an outing, to be ready in case of any accidents.

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