Heroes at Work

Our colleagues are invaluable in the event of an accident in the workplace. Take inspiration from stories about heroes that have leapt into action when an accident happened in the workplace.

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Help us find all the fantastic people who have sprung into action when an accident occured. Share your story and recommend a person you think ought to be celebrated and give them the chance to feature in our international campaign for safer workplaces.

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Courageous colleagues are invaluable in providing First Aid

When an accident happens in the workplace, rapid action is important. You not only need the right products but also that the people around you can provide help. At Cederroth, we know that co-workers that are trained in health and safety and first aid, are invaluable in the event of a workplace accident.

This is why we want to celebrate all those brave individuals that did not hesitate to provide help when an accident occurred. By highlighting their stories, we hope to motivate more people to dare to step up in the case of an emergency.

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Jarno Toroi – “Rapid intervention a genuine sight saver!”

Cleaning smoke ovens is a routine job done every day at  Finnish fish processing company Kalavapriikki Oy. Suddenly, a hose connection failed and the cleaning company employee was sprayed with an extremely corrosive cleaning agent that penetrated behind his safety goggles. Thanks to the rapid intervention of Jarno Toroi, the worker’s sight was saved.

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Heroes at Work

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Help us find all the fantastic heroes in our workplaces. People that do not hesitate to act in the event of an accident.

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Expert Advice

When an accident happens, it is important to take rapid action and use the right products. Always make sure your workplace is equipped with health and safety equipment, appropriate for your business.

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