Our industries

Cederroth offers high quality and user friendly First Aid equipment for all industries.

The best range for your workplace will depend on your industry, type and size of workplace and the associated hazards. As it can be tricky to know which First Aid products you need and where, we offer industry-specific recommendations below with regard to common work-related hazards.

First aid equipment simply needs to be able to do the job in the specific circumstances. You should there consider all the relevant factors at your workplace when deciding what first aid systems you should have on site, such as:

  • The type of work performed
  • Workplace hazards and risks
  • Number of employees and how they work (on site, off site, singly, in teams)
  • Size and location of workplace (area, no. of buildings and floors, indoor/outdoor work) Response time for emergency services
  • Accidents record

We recommend you should:

  1. Nominate a person to manage First Aid maintenance and refilling
  2. Make sure people are trained in First Aid
  3. Ensure that the First Aid equipment is visible and easy to find, marked with signs
  4. Ensure that the First Aid equipment is close to accidents black spots