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Cederroth offers high quality and easy to use First Aid products suitable for Warehouse and Logistics environments

Individuals, machinery and inventories often have to share space in a warehouse where speed tends to be of the essence. High storage shelves, heavy objects and moving vehicles (inside and outside the warehouse) are natural hazards. Forklift trucks are one of the biggest hazards in the warehouse industry, but proper health & safety procedures and training can prevent many accidents. Storage and handling of hazardous chemicals and other materials also increase risk. In fact, comprehensive safety precautions are key when handling anything that entails physical risk.

Common risks

Forklifts can cause collision

Forklifts can cause collisions that can result in severe injuries. These include crush, head, hand and foot injuries. Colliding with storage shelves can cause objects to fall and cause injuries. We recommend installing several First Aid Stations to ensure one is close by to treat any accident. Plus mobile First Aid Kits that can be carried to the scene of an accident or kept in vehicles. We also advise stretchers in the event of a serious injury where the person should be immobilised before transport.

Slips and falls

Slips and falls are common as is working at heights (forklifts, stairs, ladders, loading bays). Walkways and loading bays can also be slippery. Having First Aid equipment close by is always an advantage.

Sharp tools and knives

Handling, picking, packing and shipping goods usually includes the use of tools and knives. Cuts and wounds are a common risk when opening boxes or packing shipments. Having plasters and bandages nearby to provide quick and easy wound care will increase employee safety and ensure work can continue more smoothly. Our Wound Care Dispenser is ideal for packaging stations, as a complement to our First Aid Station.


Chemicals can cause eye injuries. At forklift charging stations, battery acid splashes can cause eye injuries. Personal protective equipment should always be worn but having Emergency Eye Wash available is very important to treat such incidents. Eye Wash is a necessity whenever and wherever hazardous chemicals are stored and handled.
Cederroth Eye Wash is buffered and has a neutralizing effect on alkalis and acids, which increases the chance of saving vision compared to using tap water or a saline solution. We have a range of packaging and storage solutions. For cold work environments, we recommend a heated Eye Wash cabinet to avoid flushing with cold Eye Wash or even bottles freezing. Our pocket size Eye Wash is ideal for anyone working in a high risk remote site, as every second counts.


For work places with many First Aid Stations, it is practical to install a larger First Aid cabinet with built-in storage area for refill products to facilitate maintenance.

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