Restaurant & Food

Cederroth offers a complete range of First Aid products for the Restaurant and Food Industry.

Very common restaurant hazards include cuts, slippery floors, sharp equipment, heavy lifting and burns. Crowded and stressful environments are often an underlying factor behind accidents. Magnetic, blue plasters should be used and are often mandatory in food preparation and processing locations, that are easy to detect if lost.

Common risks

Sharp implements and machinery

Food preparation usually plenty of cutting, slicing, peeling and dicing, where one small mistake can lead to serious injury. Our Cederroth First Aid & Burn Station is designed to treat most common kitchen injuries. As restaurants tend to use a lot of plasters, we recommend our Wound Care Station with blue plasters and Soft Foam bandage strip.

Hot surfaces, oil, hot water and steam

Hot surfaces, oil, hot water and steam can cause burns. Cleaning around deep fat friers is a risk area that often leads to burns. Our practical Burn Gel dressings cool the burn area and provide pain relief in such stressful environments and also on the way to hospital if necessary.

Chemicals as cleaning agents

Cleaning agents including dishwasher and oven cleaners are highly corrosive, as are disinfectants used in the food industry. They can all cause severe eye injuries. A buffered Eye Wash that has a neutralizing effect on alkalis and acids is far more effective than flushing eyes with tap water. Having a high quality Eye Wash to hand for immediate emergency flushing increases the chance of saving vision.

Slips and falls

Slips and falls are common in kitchens, often caused by wet and slippery floors. Many accidents can be prevented by following safety routines and using protective equipment. Having a wall-mounted First Aid & Burn Station plus mobile First Aid Kits in larger environments are also recommended.

Important products

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