Burn Gel Dressing / Face Mask 30×40 cm

REF: 51011014

Large Burn Gel Dressing provides rapid cooling and effective pain relief for first- and second-degree burns. The cold reduces the pain and swelling and prevents the injury from penetrating the skin deeper.

Suitable for burns with larger areas as legs, arms or chest. Can also be used as a Face Mask. Tear off the parts of the dressing in the pre-cut holes for eyes, nose and mouth when needed. Easy to use with clear instructions. Shelf life 5 years.

Recommended end-user price € 23,00 excluding VAT.

  • Quick cooling and rapid pain relief
  • Water soluble

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Sterile dressing 30 x 40 cm. 1-pack. Water (90% water) based gel.

Instructions for use

1. For emergency use. Apply immediately after a burn.  2. Also apply remaining gel from the sachet. Only cool the injured area.  3. Cool for 15-20 min.  4. If fixation is necessary, wind loosely and airily. Do not cover the dressing with an airtight material, that could hinder air circulation and the cooling effect.  5. Always seek medical attention if the burn is severe or covers a large area.

Warning: Do not re-use. Re-use can cause infection. Do not use if the package is opened or damaged.  Apply the gel generously, do not rub! Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


Burns – The A to Z of rapid treatment

Minor burns are quite common and can be treated on site. In the past, we were advised to rinse them with cold water, but the current recommendation is to use lukewarm water instead or, for example, Cederroth’s Burn Gel products.

Learn more about Burn Treatment

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