The world’s smallest emergency department. Cederroth First Aid has solutions that allow everyone to give First Aid, even if they have not had any training. With our innovative range of First Aid Stations, every workplace has their own small emergency department based on their individual needs, so that they are fully prepared for an accident.

Product benefits

Our stations are easy to understand and are designed to make it easy and quick to find the right product. Many of our products can be used for many different needs, making First Aid clear and simple. Clear instructions and easy to restock; red labels show when a product has run out along with its reference number.

  • Complete First Aid Stations
  • There is a station for every professional area, for different numbers of employees and for different types of injury
  • Practical plaster dispenser
  • The plasters are pulled downwards in the dispenser, which avoids getting any dirt or blood on the other plasters. The plaster refills are locked away in the dispenser to make sure they do not disappear. It is easy to remove the empty refills using the special key provided
  • Hygienically clean with a door that protects against dust

Our stations