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Here you will find more information and appropriate products on how to treat injuries that may occur in your workplace or at home.

5 reasons why you should have a First Aid Kit

We have listed 5 reasons why you should have a mobile First Aid case close at hand

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First Aid for your eyes

When there is an accident, it is vital to start rinsing within the first few seconds. It is also important to rinse effectively, with a generous flow of liquid. The liquid should also be buffered, i.e. have a neutralising effect on alkali splashes (e.g. lye) and acid splashes (e.g. battery acid).

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Burns – The A to Z of rapid treatment

Minor burns are quite common and can be treated on site. In the past, we were advised to rinse them with cold water, but the current recommendation is to use lukewarm water instead or, for example, Cederroth’s Burn Gel products.

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Wound care school

If you hurt yourself. If you hurt yourself and have a wound, it is important for you to clean it immediately to avoid infections. Wash away any dirt, splinters, shards of glass and other objects that could have got into the wound. Wash it clean using liquid soap or a wound cleanser, including around the wound.

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