Cederroth offers high quality and user friendly First Aid equipment suitable for the Construction Industry.

The risk of serious injury is 3 X greater on a construction site than other industries. The most common accidents are falls and accidents involving tools and machinery – larger machinery, hand tools and knives.

Common risks

Operating machinery and using tools

Bandages for severe cuts and plasters for minor wounds. In addition to a wall-mounted First Aid station in a prominent position, a mobile First Aid Kit to treat someone at the scene of the accident is also essential. First Aid Mobile kits are also ideal for company vehicles and for high risk work off-site. You should also install directional signs showing where to find First Aid equipment.


Cement and concrete are alkaline and corrosive. Ready access to Eye Wash is crucial in the event of an accident. Cederroth buffered Eye Wash has a neutralizing effect on alkalis and acids and is phosphate free. Phosphate buffered Eye Washes should be avoided for substances containing calcium such as cement and concrete. For cold work environments, we recommend a heated Eye Wash cabinet to prevent Eye Wash containers being very cold or even freezing.

Welding work

Welding work for example, can cause burns. If there is no adjacent water source, mobile burn aid products are advisable. Our Cederroth Burn Kit contains Burn Gel Dressings in different sizes, to cool a burn injury quickly and limit the spread of the injury and relieve pain.

Working at height and in tough environments

Working at height and in tough environments brings associated risks of fall, slips and trip injuries, a common source of work-related injuries. A comprehensive risk assessment is vital to minimise the risk of falls when working at height. Here, protective equipment proper equipment such as guardrails and safety harnesses are important. Where an accident still to occur, Mobile First Aid kits with bandages and cold packs to treat injuries on site are advisable. We also recommend having stretchers and splints to hand.

Important products

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