5 reasons why you should have a First Aid Kit

Cederroth’s innovative range of mobile kits for people on the move, for example at building sites, in commercial vehicles or for personal use means there is always First Aid equipment on site, ready to be used. First Aid Kits are a good complement to fixed First Aid stations, making sure that you are fully prepared, in case of an accident. 

Below we have listed 5 reasons why you should have a mobile First Aid case close at hand:

1. Rapid help when it is needed

With the Cederroth First Aid Kit, help is always close to hand. Mobile First Aid kits are also ideal for company vehicles or for high-risk work outside the workplace.

2. Everything you need in one place

Cederroth offers well-equipped kits in various sizes. The products are packed in transparent plastic pockets for a clear overview and it is easy to find the right product when every second counts. All products are provided with clear self-explanatory instructions.

3. Robust and durable

The First Aid cases are made from hard plastic (X-Large), in a durable rubber-like material (Large, Medium, Burn) or nylon (Small) to keep out dust, moisture and dirt. The equipment is kept hygenically clean and is always ready to be used.

4. Universal dressing with smart functions

Cederroth’s mobile cases contain 4-in-1 Bloodstoppers, a sterile universal dressing with four smart functions:

  • Pressure pad for heavy bleeding
  • Protective dressing for superficial wounds
  • Burn dressing with special wound-protecting surface layer
  • Temporary support dressing

5. Relief for burns

If there is no adjacent water source, mobile burn products are recommended. All of Cederroth’s First Aid Kits (apart from Small) contain at least one dressing with burn gel to rapidly cool down a burn, limit the spread of damage and act as a pain reliever.

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