Eye Wash

Eye Wash Case

REF: 51011042

Cederroth Eye Wash (5 x 500ml) in case. Previous (OLD) REF 7255. Convenient to carry with you, for example, during mobile work or during transport to hospital. Robust transparent hard plastic case with handle. Easy to open with yellow solid clasps that slide sideways. Can be hung on a wall with wall bracket (REF 51011041).

Recommended end-user price € 156,40 excluding VAT.

  • Easy to carry with you with a solid handle
  • Strong transparent case
  • Visible yellow opening clasp
  • Includes 5x500ml Cederroth Eye Wash
  • Space between bottles for easy gripping of individual bottles


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5 Cederroth Eye Washes (REF 725200)


Width 430 x height 318 depth 103 mm

First Aid for your eyes

When there is an accident, it is vital to start rinsing within the first few seconds. It is also important to rinse effectively, with a generous flow of liquid. The liquid should also be buffered, i.e. have a neutralising effect on alkali splashes (e.g. lye) and acid splashes (e.g. battery acid).

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