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Jarno Toroi

“Thanks to the rapid intervention of Jarno Toroi, the worker’s sight was saved.”

Rapid intervention a genuine sight saver

Cleaning smoke ovens is a routine job done every day at  Finnish fish processing company Kalavapriikki Oy. Suddenly, a hose connection failed and the cleaning company employee was sprayed with an extremely corrosive cleaning agent that penetrated behind his safety goggles. Thanks to the rapid intervention of Jarno Toroi, the worker’s sight was saved.

Finland is not known as the land of the thousand lakes for nothing. In Kuopio, next to one of these thousand lakes, is Kalavapriikki Oy, a very modern fish processing company with annual production of more than 2,200 tons of fish. Toroi works there as a foreman.

– “As we are so close to fish rich lakes, Kuopio has unique access to fresh fish, and what we process mostly comes from domestic and local fish suppliers. One of our specialities is smoked and flamed fish that has become very popular.”

Hose connection burst

Safety first is a top priority at Kalavapriikki Oy. There are a large number of First Aid and Eye Wash Stations in the production area and safety rounds are a regular feature. Last autumn, Toroi witnessed an accident that could have had catastrophic consequences. An employee from the cleaning company was cleaning the smoke oven with a low pressure spray containing a very high alkaline cleaning agent. Due to a handling mistake, the pressure in the hose increased, which caused the hose connection to burst and the cleaner was soaked in an extremely corrosive fluid.

– “I was working in the hall when I suddenly heard a cry for help. When I rushed in I saw a man wandering around screaming in agony that he couldn’t see. Even though he was using the right protective equipment, the corrosive fluid had penetrated behind his safety goggles,” Toroi says.

Immediate eye flushing

While a colleague called the emergency number, Toroi took the panic stricken man by the hand and led him to the nearest Eye Wash Station to start rinsing his eyes with several bottles of neutralising eye wash solution. He continued flushing as the man was undressed and taken to a shower. An ambulance arrived shortly afterwards and took the man to further care at Kuopio University Hospital.

– “When an accident like that happens, almost everyone switches to autopilot. It can be a matter of seconds and I am incredibly grateful that we were so close to a First Aid point. We heard later from the cleaner’s manager that the hospital’s doctor had praised the First Aid efforts which probably saved the man’s sight,” says Toroi.

Cederroth recommends

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Heroes at Work

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