Cederroth Soft Foam Bandage Blue 6 cm x 2m

REF: 51011011

Cederroth Soft Foam Bandage Blue 2 m functions as a plaster as well as a bandage, and is suitable for minor wounds. Easy to apply on fingers, hands, arms, toes, fee and legs and more. s suitable for all kinds of minor wounds in hot, cold, wet or dry conditions and will stay in place in water.

Cederroth Soft Foam Bandage is a self-adherent glue-free plaster and does not stick to the skin or hair. Easy to cut or tear a suitable bit and wrap around the injured area.  Cederroth Soft Foam Bandage is perfect for quick and easy wound care. The blue color is visually detectable and is suitable when handling food. Fits in First Aid Station. Latex free.

Recommended end-user price € 6,40 excluding VAT.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Elastic
  • Glue-free plaster
  • Can be used in water
  • Self-adhesive

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Instruction film

Instructions for use:

Position the Soft Foam Bandage over the wound and wrap the bandage all the way round the injured part (hand or finger). Press the plaster firmly in place so it adheres and then continue wrapping the plaster round the body part until you achieve the desired thickness. In the event of heavy bleeding, use several layers. Can be torn or cut to the length required. Clean the wound, make sure it is not infected and change the quick bandage daily.

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