Plaster Dispenser

REF: 490700

The Salvequick Dispenser maintains high quality and is easy to use. When a plaster is pulled from the dispenser, one of its adhesive surfaces is exposed and it can be applied easily with one hand. The dispenser is refilled quickly and easily with a special key. Various refills are available. Transparent lid protects against dust. Clean the wound, make sure it is not infected and change the quick bandage daily.

  • Easy to use with one hand
  • Refills locked
  • Choose from different types of plasters

Recommended end-user price € 30,40 excluding VAT.

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Salvequick Plaster Dispenser, complete with, 40 Textile Plasters (REF 6444) and 45 Plastic Plasters (REF 6036)
1 Key


W 23 x H 12 x D 5.5 cm

Instruction film

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