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Can Cederroth eye wash be used for children under 3 years old?

The eye wash is intended for the external flushing of eyes. The solution should not be swallowed in large amounts (several litres). If the bottle is used for small children, it is difficult to check that they do not swallow the wash when their eyes are flushed. Small children are more sensitive to swallowed wash than are larger children and adults. The product is therefore not recommended for small children. If small children get dangerous substances in their eyes, start flushing immediately and do not hesitate to use Cederroth eye wash or other eye flushing product or water that is available, because the risks of permanent damage to the eye are far greater than any risk of accidently swallowing or injesting the substances within the actual eyewash itself.

Eye Wash

What storage temperature do you recommend for Cederroth Eye Wash?

The eye wash can be stored between +2 and +40 °C, which is indicated on the bottle and on the carton.

Eye Wash

What happens after the best-before date for an eye wash?

The shelf life has been set on the basis of the period for which we have shelf life data for the product and can guarantee its function. The wash remains sterile provided the bottle’s barrier properties are intact. The eye wash has a shelf life of 4.5 years from the production date. This is the longest shelf life among the various eye flushing products on the market.

Eye Wash

What does the eye wash contain?

The wash is a water-based saline solution buffered with sodium borate. The solution is isotonic (has the same salinity as in the body) and the pH is 7.5.


Can wet wipes be used for protection against the flu?

For protection against the flu,frequent and thorough washing of hands is recommended, ideally in combination with usage of an alcohol based hand cleanser as a complement. Salvequick Safety Skin Cleanser both contain 70% alcohol. They can therefore be used in the same way after hand washing.


Does Salvequick Wound Cleanser contain preservatives?

Salvequick Wound Cleanser does not contain any preservatives. The product is sterilised during manufacturing.


We would like safety data sheets (SDS/MSDS) for a CE-marked First Aid product.

Cederroth’s CE-marked First Aid products are classified as Medical Devices in accordance with the MDD 93/42/EEC and the MDR 2017/45. For these types of products, no safety data sheet is required because the product’s safe use is guaranteed by its conformity with the medical devices directive. Exception: Products that contain a pressurized container, require safety datasheets for shippers. This currently applies for REF 51011005 Burn Gel 100ml and REF 726000 Eye&Wound Cleanser Spray


Do Cederroth plasters contain latex?

Our plasters are completely free from latex. The plasters’ paper wrapping is glued together using a latex-based adhesive. Anyone extremely sensitive to brief contact with latex should therefore avoid touching the products. The exception is dressing strips, which are not wrapped in this paper.


How should plasters be stored?

Plasters should be stored at room temperature in a dark, dry place.


Can Salvequick Blue Detectable Plasters be detected by X-ray detectors?

The plasters can be detected by most ordinary metal detectors on the market, but normally not by X-ray detectors.

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Product symbols

Our product packaging uses a number of symbols to inform quickly and clearly about contents and use. Both standardized (SS-EN ISO 15223-1/EN ISO 15223-1) and non-standardized symbols are used.

The most common of these symbols – and their meanings – are:

Do not reuse. Use only once

Use by. Do not use after the end of the year/month stated

Batch code. The code states the producer’s manufacturing code

The product is sterilised using irradiation

The product is sterile through the use of aseptic processing techniques

Temperature limitation. States the upper and lower limits for the storage temperature

Limited quantity. Dangerous goods that are packaged in accordance with the Limited Quantity exemption

Reversed epsilon. Aerosol dispenser meets requirements in 75/324/EEC

Lot number and Expiry date printed on the bottom of the can

Renewable material

Information on

Repeat after 24 hours

Product’s Article no.


Do not use if the packaging is damaged.

Keep dry

Contains or presence of natural rubber latex

Medical Device

Recyclable packaging

Dispose in household trash

Brim volume: (Brimful capacity, total capacity, for cans containing 100ml or more. Number depends on volume of can)

Clean the wound

Apply the plaster over the wound