Refill pack First Aid Station

REF: 51011039

Cederroth refill pack for First Aid Station (REF 51011026) and is now updated with 1 Soft Foam Bandage Beige 6cmx2m.

Recommended end-user price € 93,50 excluding VAT.

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2 x Cederroth 4-in-1 Bloodstoppers (REF 1910)

3 x Cederroth 4-in-1 mini Bloodstoppers (REF 1911)

1 x Cederroth Protection Kit (REF 2596)

1 x Refill (45) Salvequick Plastic Plasters (REF 6036)

1 x Refill (40) Salvequick Textile Plasters (REF 6444)

1 x box (20) Salvequick Wound Cleansers (REF 323700)

1 x Eye & Wound Cleansing Spray (REF 726000)

1 x box (2) Cederroth Burn Gel Compress (REF 901900)

1 x Cederroth Soft Foam Bandage Beige 6cmx2m (REF 51011019)

1 x Refill Key


Width 282 x Height 98 x Depth 187 mm


Our refills make it easier for you to replace what is missing in our First Aid stations, panels, cabinets and First Aid Kits. There are products for bleeding, burns, eye injuries, sprains, shock, breathing difficulties, hygiene accessories and other aids.

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