Eye Wash

Heating Cabinet

REF: 790400

This heating cabinet has been designed for storing two bottles of Cederroth Eye Wash in cold environments. The cabinet maintains the temperature of the eye wash solution at +20°C, even if the temperature outside is as low as -20°C. The cabinet is made of insulated, durable and chemically-resistant EPP and has a thermostat heating element made of aluminium. It works automatically with 12V and 24V without the need for any other equipment (230V with a transformer). Plug for cigarette lighter sockets in cars and lorries. Voltage guard. Tested for electrical safety and CE-labelled. Eye wash must be ordered separately. (REF 725200)

Recommended end-user price € 383,20 excluding VAT.

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Eye wash must be ordered separately. (REF 725200).


B 28 x H 32 x D 13 cm

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