4-in-1 Bloodstopper

REF: 1910

The Cederroth 4-in-1 Bloodstopper is a sterile universal dressing with four different functions:

  1. Pressure pad for heavy bleeding
  2. Protective dressing for superficial wounds
  3. Burn dressing with special wound-protecting surface
  4. Temporary support dressing

Recommended end-user price € 9,10 excluding VAT.

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  • 1 pad (14 x 23 cm)
  • 2 disposable elastic bandages (10 cm x 3 m)

Instruction film

Wound care school

If you hurt yourself. If you hurt yourself and have a wound, it is important for you to clean it immediately to avoid infections. Wash away any dirt, splinters, shards of glass and other objects that could have got into the wound. Wash it clean using liquid soap or a wound cleanser, including around the wound.

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