Plaster dispenser in office kitchen

Plaster Dispensers & Plaster Refills

Salvequick Plasters and Plaster Dispensers are a complete, easy-to-use system. The plasters are easy to apply, flexible and convenient to use. In the Plaster Dispenser, you pull the plasters downwards, which avoids getting any dirt or blood on the other plasters. The plasters are always available and ready to use. The refills are locked away to prevent any waste. Plaster refills are available for plastic, fabric and blue detectable plasters for the food industry.

Product benefits

  • Clean, dry and hygienic
  • As the plasters in our dispenser are pulled downwards, it avoids getting any dirt or blood on the other plasters. The hygienic door keeps the plasters clean and fresh, and makes it easy to see when it is time to fill the dispenser with new plasters
  • No unnecessary waste
  • The plaster refills are locked away in the dispenser in order to prevent waste. It is easy to remove the empty refills using a special key. Contact us if you need an extra key
  • Put plasters on with one hand
  • When you pull a plaster out of the dispenser, one side is uncovered, so the plaster is ready to use. So ingenious that it allows you to put a plaster on with just one hand

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