Soft Foam Bandage

Cederroth First Aid presents a new complete product range of the innovative Soft Foam Bandage, a Snögg original product. Soft Foam Bandage is an innovative complement to a traditional plaster, when you need a flexible, quick and protective solution that stays in place when working with your hands. Just wrap it around and squeeze to apply, quick and effective! Now available in different sizes and colours, with different dispenser solutions to fit every workplace.

Product benefits

  • Self-adhesive
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Adaptable, can be formed after your finger, hand or toe
  • Easy to fit tight to add pressure to stop bleedings
  • Does not stick to the wound or skin
  • Stays on, even in water
  • Also suitable for larger superficial wounds
  • Latex free

The different colours adds an extra function for some workplaces, and thereby extra value. Depending on the work, there may be different needs or requirements of visibility of the Soft Foam Bandage.


High visibility & fresh look

Blue colour is recommended for food handling to detect it visually, or when you want a bandage that looks fresh for longer time. Recommended for Horeca businesses as kitchens and restaurants.


Original & discrete

The original colour. Easy to control if the bandage gets dirty or bleeds through. Recommended for clean environments or when you prefer a discrete colour. Suitable for offices, schools or any workplace.


Heavy work & dirty environment

The black colour camouflages dirt or oil stains on the outer bandage. For heavy and dirty work environments, e.g. manufacturing industry, building & construction, vehicles repair.

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